Q:What is a cavity?

A:Cavities, also known as tooth decay, are small holes in the tooth. These small holes occur after there is a buildup of plaque and tartar, which then turns sugar into acid. Eating lots of sugar or starchy foods will accelerate this process. When teeth are not cleaned properly or a healthy diet is not maintained, the enamel protecting your teeth will deteriorate. When there is little or no enamel left on the teeth, cavities will occur more often and grow larger. Unless the tooth decay is just starting, it will have to get treated.

Q:What are Digital X-rays?

A:There are a few different types of x-rays we offer. Each one shows different details of the tooth. A bite-wing x-ray will show details of both the upper and lower teeth in one area of the mouth. They will be able to detect bone density and detect decay between teeth. This type of x-ray is also used to determine the proper fit of crowns and fillings. Periapical x-rays are able to see the entire tooth from the top (crown) to even below the root where the tooth connects to the jaw. Dentists will use this to detect any deformities of the root structure and the bone structure around the area. Occlusal x-rays are used to see the entire row of teeth either on the lower or upper jaw. This is helpful to see the development of the teeth and how each tooth is placed in the mouth.

Q:What are fillings?

A:One treatment for tooth decay is doing fillings. Dentists do fillings by removing the decayed part of the tooth using a drill. Then the whole made by the drill is filled with either gold, silver alloy, porcelain, or a composite resin. Most fillings done in this day and age will be done using the composite resin since it is closest to the same color of the tooth. When the decay is removed completely, the cavity should be gone forever. The cavity should never come back, but most people will need to have these fillings replaced several times over their lifetime.


Invisalign® is a modern alternate approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made set of aligners fitted for your teeth. These aligners are a almost invisible, smooth and comfortable plastic that is worn over your teeth. The aligner will slowly shift your teeth into place. There are no wires to tighten or metal brackets to attach. You just put a new set of aligners in every two weeks until your treatment is finished. In the end you will get a great smile and the process wont cut into your daily life.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening is a safe way to make your teeth up to 8 shades whiter. There are two apointments involved with this treatment. The first apointment is to evaluate the best way to whiten your teeth The second apointment is when we prepare and whiten your teeth.